| “Break Away” now available @ the FiXT Store!

“Break Away” now available @ the FiXT Store!

FiXT Store

I am excited to announce that “Break Away” is now available at the FiXT Store as a downloadable MP3 album!  You can get directly to the STREAK page by clicking here: www.fixtstore.com/category/334/Streak

Don’t forget you can get all for our mech and audio directly from us in the STORE section, but at least this gives you another option.

FiXT is owned and operated by Klayton of Celldweller. FiXT is an entrepreneurial venture born from Klayton’s desire to create a network of independent artists and act as a vehicle to bring them together releasing music, clothing and visual art.  Other artists available at the FiXT store include Celldweller, Left Spine Down, Cyanotic, Halo In Reverse, Godhead & many, many others.

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