| 20 Things I learned on tour

20 Things I learned on tour

In no particular order:

String cheese is a great snack to bring, but I must bring more next time.  It went too fast.

Mad Libs are a great way to pass the time in a parking lot.  (thanks Mr. and Mrs. Dimock!)

Strapping Young Lad is almost too metal for their own good.

I can sleep just about anywhere, and in the most uncomfortable position, if I am tired enough.

Jim sleeps like a cat.  😀

Never get a salad at a 24 hour greasy spoon diner at 6am.

There are some really talented musicians that are in extremely shitty bands. (actually, I already knew that, but yeah)

Venues/bartenders/promoters/club owners seemed to treat us with more respect as a touring band than when we play around home.

Washington DC area traffic sucks.

You can get a fully loaded 12 passenger van to pop a wheelie if you play air drums really hard to a Fantomas song as you drive over a raised railroad bed at 40mph.

Never judge a book by its cover.  A lot of people I never would have expected to buy merch (and quite a number of people I actually goofed on earlier in the night) ended up buying our shit.

Hippies make for a great audience.

There are pussy bands everywhere out there that cancel out on shows for no reason.  I’m lookin at you, you sorry ass bitches from North Canton, Ohio.

Parking is a bitch in downtown Philadelphia.

Geno’s steak and cheese sandwich and cheese fries are full of cheesy goodness.  Gotta try a Pat’s next time.

A clean, roomy bathroom means the world to a touring band.

Truck stop showers are not nearly as disgusting as I thought they would be.  At least, the one “Pilot” truckstop we went to wasn’t.  Surprisingly very clean.

Wal Mart parking lots are good for parking for the night to sleep.  I still hate that store with a passion, and the “ban for life” continues.  That didn’t stop me from shitting in one of their toilets, however.

Deer are equally as stupid as they are beautiful.

Sassy black waitresses at Denny’s at 4am are some of the most interesting people in the world.

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