| Recap: 8/31/08 in VT & 9/13/08 in Dalton, MA

Recap: 8/31/08 in VT & 9/13/08 in Dalton, MA

We finished off our long run of August shows at the Angel Boy Arts Benefit in Londonderry, VT. Beyond a little disorganization, things went well. This group helps children with special differences express themselves through art, and it was a really good cause so we were more than happy to help out. It was a really nice day, which was good because it was an outdoor show. They had some raffles and auctions going to raise money, including artwork by the children, and these really cool wood carvings that a guy was making with a chainsaw while we were there:


Wood Carving

This show was dry, but since I was relatively in the neighborhood, I made sure to stop by the Long Trail Brewery before the show for a couple beers and some food at their brew pub. I’d never been there, but had enjoyed their brews for some time. I thought I’d already had everything they have to offer, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out they had a brewery exclusive on tap, “Triple Bag,” which is their “Double Bag” brew, only fermented longer. Instead of 7.2%, it was 9.2%! I was flyin’ high after two of those! The food was great, too. Simple pub menu… all you need, really. My lady-friend Adria and I got out of there for under $30. Well, until I bought some merch, anyway. They have really cool shirts and other stuff, also very reasonably priced! The place was very busy, but we were still seated right away. You can eat inside, or you can sit outside (what we did) on a deck that overlooks the Ottauquechee River. I definitely recommend anyone who likes good beer and pub fare to check this place out.

Ottauquechee River

Inside the Long Trail Brewery

Ok… on to The Depot in Dalton, MA. Third time playing there. We always seem to have a lot of people show the love at the Depot, which is great. There was even a high Uncle Big Time representation at this show, as Tom and Charlie caught a ride with us.

Tom and Charlie

Adria and I got our asses kicked at pool two games in a row by Tom and Charlie. It was all me, I was playing like shit. It was probably the Berkshire Brewing Co. “Steel Rail’s” going to my head… that stuff is so fucking good! I love playing in Western MA coz almost every club has that on tap.

Warsynium opened up the evening. They are really awesome… Heavy metal, the way it was intended to be. Lots of headbanging and crazy fast riffs, drums, and solos. They’re really nice guys, too.


We played a really long set, about an hour or so. It’s awesome to have the chance to play that many songs, but it is really tiring, too. We were a little surprised to have the crowd asking for an encore when we stopped playing. We’re not used to that! So, we busted out the Cars cover of “Just What I Needed.” Chris dry humped me. Check it out on the Flickr PhotoStream on the main page.

Peace… Paul

Currently drinking: Hocus Pocus (4.5% ABV), Magic Hat Brewing Company, South Burlington, VT

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