| Recent STREAK News

Recent STREAK News

Hey there Streak Freaks!  Just wanted to mention a few new things.  
Yesterday we went live with the STREAK Forums.  Which means if you haven’t already you should head over to the main site, click on the “forum” link [top of the page between images & bio], create an account & start posting away!  This is a place for you, the fan, to get your voice heard.  And not just about STREAK either, there is a spot for you to talk about anything.  Get to know your fellow Streak Freak.  Let the chaos begin! 🙂

And you may have noticed the YouTube feed as well.  There are a few new(ish) live videos that you can check out, with more on the way. 

On the show front, we still have a few tickets for the Mass. Morgue show happening at the Cantab Lounge in Cabridge MA on Sunday Oct 26th.  Tickets are $10 [$15 @ the door], so let us know.  More details on the show can be found in the “invasion” section on the main site.  And don’t forget the night before [Saturday Oct 25th] we will be at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Pittsfield, MA for an all ages Halloween show.  We are having a special Halloween giveaway, so make sure to snag a contest form here: Contest Form.  Then on Saturday Nov 15th we will headed back to the Dalton Depot.  
We have confirmed “Breathe” as one of the slots on the newest upcoming Sinister Music Compilation CD.  These will be handed out at the Rock n Shock fest happening on Oct 11th & 12th at the Palladium in Worcester MA.  But we will be getting a few, so keep an eye out on how to score one of those.

I believe that about covers it.  Recap: register @ the forums & post like mad, watch some live vidoes & come to a few Streak shows!
Thank you for all of the support, and hope to see all of you soon!


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