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Razor Blade Dance Floor Interview

Just finished being interviewed by Joe at Razor Blade Dance Floor.  It was great fun!  Joe was extremely nice and had some great questions.  He will be posting everything this Sunday the 14th, and you can get more info by visiting: www.razorbladedancefloor.com.   Also just posted some photos to the Flickr Photostream, which were taken by Mrs Streak during the interview (isn’t our Xmas tree lovely?).  Once everything is available  I’ll be making another post.  So keep watch 🙂

Streak on Streak [interview]

Below is an interview that Mrs. Streak put together back on July 6, 2008.  A little “Streak on Streak” so to speak, hope you enjoy! – Chris
Angela Dimock [Mrs Streak] interviewing Chris Dimock [Streak] 
Q: How did you come up with the name STREAK?
A: Well, when this project was first starting I had been tossing around a few names.  Then my wife said “how about Streak?”, which was originally a name for a TMC song that I had written.  And it just seemed to fit.  Wow, I should definitely come up with a more exciting answer for that… haha.  Have you ever shopped for underwear at a used clothing store?
Q: when did you start streak and why a “one man” band project?
A: I’ve always written stuff on my own.  But I suppose the official start was in 2004.  I had just parted ways with a previous band, and was looking to do something more of my own.  The “one man” band was mostly because it seemed almost impossible to find like minded and dedicated musicians.  I had a few guests on a few shows, but mostly it was just me on stage.
Q: i see you have a live drummer now?
A: And it’s awesome!  Paul, who is the creative force behind Uncle Big Time, came to me asking if I wanted a live drummer.  At first I was hesitant, only because things haven’t worked out so great in the past trying to find members.  But I can honestly say, it was one of the best things to happen to STREAK and I’m not looking back!
Q: where did you grow up and when did you start becoming interested in music?
A: Worthington, MA.  It’s a small little town in western, MA.  One stop light, one store kind of place so there was lots of time to work on music.  I’ve been interested in music for as long as I can remember!
Q: have you ever gotten any “streakers” at your shows,haha!?
A: Haha, no not yet.  Care to be the 1st? 🙂
Q: what kind of music would you classify streak as?
A: Rock with an Industrial feel I suppose.  Or something like the Beach Boys tripping out on acid running around in their underwear singing “I get Around”.
Q: influences(bands/artists,life etc..)?
A: Everything tends to be an influence in one way or another, all aspects of music & life (both good & bad…).  Music wise, some of my favorites that come to mind that really got me wanting to do this type of music are NIN, Drown, Ministry, 16volt, Pigface… I could go on and on there have been so many musical artists in so many genres that I have listened to and have been an influence.
Q: favorite streak song to perform and why?
A: That’s a tough one, but I guess I would say “Break Away”.  It’s pretty fun to sing and play.  It tends to get peoples attention.
Q: i see you have been in the studio for the past couple of months..how is that going?
A: It’s been going great!  In the past all the STREAK stuff I had recorded on my own.  So this is the 1st studio experience for Streak.  And this is the first time with a real drummer.  I had asked Paul to play because I really thought it would make the whole CD sound better, more real and I wanted that “human” feel.  Plus it’s been a whole lot more fun!!
Q: when can we listen to the new streak cd?
A: hopefully soon!  We will have it out a little later this year.  being completely independent, funds (or lack of) can make it a little slower of a process.  but we are very close, and very excited!
Q: where can i buy it when it comes out?
A: they will be available at all of our shows, as well as on our website.  And we have a few other online avenues that we are going to pursue as well.
Q: will you ever tell us whos grabable ass that is on the front of one of your tshirts?
A: Maybe someday 🙂
Q: i hear you are a BIG evil dead/ash fan,how did that come about and is that your favorite horror movie?
A: Haha, well yes, it’s true!  I’ve always thought the movies were great and fun.  Especially with Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness there are so many great jokes and puns.  As for favorite horror movie I have trouble picking just one.  But I guess my top picks would consist of Dawn of the Dead, Saw, Event Horizon, and of course the Evil Dead Trilogy.
Q: tell me about those tvs! they are VERY interesting!
A: As a “one man” band, I realized that I needed something else going on on stage to create more of a show.  So I sat for hours and put together all sorts of photos and video stuff.  It started with one TV, and it’s slowly growing.  It’s sort of become part of Streak, with a TV logo on shirts and stickers.
Q: any plans for a tour?
A: That is something that I would really like to do.  At this point though we are keeping things pretty local.  But who knows what the future may hold!
Q: one interesting fact people may not know about you?
A: I’m really 10 feet tall