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cirque-de-bonheurSoooo…… it’s been quite a while since the last update.  For those of you who kept up during our last tour you know we had some tough trials to work through.  Venues and promotes not doing their part, then of course having our van broken into was quite the set back.  But many of you went above and beyond as fans and helped with some donations.  This allowed us to pick up a few necessities, such as tooth brushes, soap, cell phone chargers, clothes, etc.  So THANK YOU!!!  And besides, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?  That or we are just very stubborn! 😉  Because we can’t wait to get out there and do it again.

Streak Forges On!

So after what seemed like an endless string of disasters (promoters & venues totally dropping the ball, as well as getting our van broken into) we have pressed on to finish the tour. Last night was Alexandria VA, with Low on Sanity opening up. Great guys and glad we got to share the stage. From the venue we headed to some truck stop showers, then to the parking lot to get some sleep. I think I stopped txting with Mrs Streak a little after 6am. Then climbed out of the van around 9:30am. So got a few hrs. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Denny’s, and now we are on the NJ turnpike. (click here for our location: http://myloc.me/bLL48).

2010 STD Tour

There have been several reports of an upcoming epidemic. Officials have already marked off several quarantine locations. The contamination is spreading. The only real escape? Join the apocalypse and come get infected. This September Streak & Doomsday Virus are hitting the road as part of the 2010 “STD Tour” (Streak, TV’s, & Doomsday Virus). Confirmed quarantine locations in several states can be viewed at www.streakband.net/tour.

Want to help spread the disease? Watch for ways to help pay for fallout expenses, which will be announced over the next few days. Unlike corporate monopolies who take your hard earned cash and give nothing in return, each donation will earn a something in return. CDs, Tshirts, Stickers, Signed Tour Posters, etc. Details will be announced.

April 30th – We need your support!

We have a really HUGE show coming up… Friday April 30th at The NEW Rocko’s in Manchester, NH!!!  We have been given the opportunity to work with New England Concerts, which is part of Live Nation. They set up the biggest shows in New England, and if we can prove ourselves then we are going to be able to get in on some of that action! We have 30 tickets to presell at $15 each. You can email us at “info[at]streakband[dot]net” to set up purchasing, or you can go to the following link to buy via Paypal. www.streakband.net/tour. We can’t do this without your help. So if you believe in Streak, and want to come have a killer time, then come on out! 🙂


As some of you may or may not know, Mrs Streak has type 1 diabetes. It will be 16 years this year that she has had this devastating disease. Diabetes is a called the silent killer, yet more than 23 million children and adults suffer from this deadly disease. There is no known cure for Diabetes, but with your support we can fund programs that will provide education on fitness, nutrition and information about disease prevention. On Saturday May 8th our friend Eleanor Moyer from the Eternal Embrace Hope Foundation is putting together a “BEAT DIABETES BENEFIT“, happening from Noon – 7pm in Dover, NH. This is an ALL AGES event and tix are only $10. A potion of the proceeds will go to Camp Care Free,a camp for diabetic children. This is going to be a really fun event! Not only will Streak be playing, but Mrs Streak is going to be a key speaker as well as vending her photography. I hope ALL of you can join us on this day, but if not you can STILL donate by purchasing a ticket. Or you can donate via the Paypal button below.  Every little bit helps!

New Shows

There are some new shows listed in the “TOUR” section (www.streakband.net/tour). Hope to see you out there, and more details on some of those will be up shortly!