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Mobile Deathcamp, featuring Todd Evans (formerly Beefcake the Mighty of GWAR)

Thanks to Tru Entertainment & Promotions Streak returns to Max Capacity on Friday March 6th in support of Mobile Deathcamp’s US tour, which features Todd Evans (formerly Beefcake the Mighty of GWAR).  Tickets are only $7 and you can buy them by contact us or purchasing them here: www.squareup.com/market/streak.

Friday the 13th Tru Bloody Valentine Rock Show

Tru Entertainment  & Promotions presents: This is going to be a fun one! Friday February the 13th on the day before Valentines Day! We always love hosting a good Valentines day show, as well as a good Friday the 13th show… But both, at the same time??!! Someone pinch me!!

We got a very special rocking lineup coming your way this evening, so make sure you keep this night free for you and the honey and come to a Tru Bloody Valentine Party!

Featuring: Left Hand Backwards, Streak, Pruf, In The Red, Shotgun Shack & Sever the Drama

Merch site is now live!

Merch site is now live! No need to walk around naked anymore. Well, we don’t sell pants, so at least no need to still walk around shirtless. Buying merch allows us to keep on keepin’ on. It allows us to get more merch, record new music, buy strings and drum sticks, fill our gas tanks so we can play shows, pay the electric bill so we can practice and all the other normal day to day things people (and musicians!) need to pay for. So if you like what we do, then head on over to the new store and pick yourself up some merch. This stuff is priced to move and all prices include shipping to anywhere in the USA!

3rd time’s a charm

So here it is. Last night’s show at the Waterfront Tavern was canceled at the very last minute because of a issue of sound support. Or the lack they of. I apologize to everyone looking forward to the show, but this situation was completely put of our hands. We were certainly bummed! If you paid for tickets contact us and a full refund is available. This is right after we had a canceled show at the Palladium as well as a last minute venue change for the show before that. 3 shows. Right in a row. But Streak is used to things not going as planned. And to be honest this is nothing compared to where we’ve been in the past. On the bright side we’ve made a new contact for shows and the desire to keep on fighting is still alive! So moving forward, eh, it’s all a part of show biz 😉


No other title will do.  It’s been way too long since there has been any sort of activity on this site.  So here it is.  Updates.

Saturday Sept 27th we are returning to The Waterfront Tavern in Holyoke MA. Tickets at the door are $7, but we have them for just $5 each. Send us a message and we’ll work out the details so you can save those other $2 for Streak merch. Or beer. Whichever. If you are the FaceBook type then here is a link to the event: Streak @ Waterfront

Streak at Rock & Shock!

Okay, so maybe not just yet… but you can help to make it happen!  This Saturday (Sept 1st) at The Palladium in Worcester, MA we are playing in Round 1 of the tryouts to actually play the official Rock & Shock event!  (Rock & Shock is in Oct, visit www.rockandshock.com for more details.)  Tryouts are presented by Break Through Music.  Doors are at 6pm and tickets are only $10 each.  Ticket sales help to determine our place in the line-up (the more we sell the better the spot), and crowd response is measured after every band with a decibel reader.  Top 3 bands with best decibel reading move on to the finals.  Head over to the CONTACT page and shoot us a message on how to get your tickets! www.streakband.net/contact.  And make sure to RSVP at the official FB event page: www.facebook.com/events/389737157747543.  Thanks everyone!!