| Streak at Rock & Shock!

Streak at Rock & Shock!

Okay, so maybe not just yet… but you can help to make it happen!  This Saturday (Sept 1st) at The Palladium in Worcester, MA we are playing in Round 1 of the tryouts to actually play the official Rock & Shock event!  (Rock & Shock is in Oct, visit www.rockandshock.com for more details.)  Tryouts are presented by Break Through Music.  Doors are at 6pm and tickets are only $10 each.  Ticket sales help to determine our place in the line-up (the more we sell the better the spot), and crowd response is measured after every band with a decibel reader.  Top 3 bands with best decibel reading move on to the finals.  Head over to the CONTACT page and shoot us a message on how to get your tickets! www.streakband.net/contact.  And make sure to RSVP at the official FB event page: www.facebook.com/events/389737157747543.  Thanks everyone!!

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