| 3rd time’s a charm

3rd time’s a charm

So here it is. Last night’s show at the Waterfront Tavern was canceled at the very last minute because of a issue of sound support. Or the lack they of. I apologize to everyone looking forward to the show, but this situation was completely put of our hands. We were certainly bummed! If you paid for tickets contact us and a full refund is available. This is right after we had a canceled show at the Palladium as well as a last minute venue change for the show before that. 3 shows. Right in a row. But Streak is used to things not going as planned. And to be honest this is nothing compared to where we’ve been in the past. On the bright side we’ve made a new contact for shows and the desire to keep on fighting is still alive! So moving forward, eh, it’s all a part of show biz 😉

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