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Streaking this Halloween!

Well, it was another two day mini-tour for Streak this past weekend, starting off with Zeitgeist in Pittsfield, MA on Saturday, and then Cambridge, MA on Sunday for the 5th Annual Mass Morgue Halloween event.  Since they were both Halloween themed shows, Chris had the idea of dressing up as a famous duo.  Thelma and Louise, after they went off the cliff (sorry if I just ruined the end of the movie for you), was the end result.  Check out the pictures in the Flickr photo stream.  It was the first time I ever “cross dressed,” but it was easy at least coz Thelma (Geena Davis) wore a black t-shirt and jeans at the end of the movie.  Chris looked more like his character, Louise, coz he had a really good wig for the part.  Plus, he’s really pretty anyway, hah!  At least now I have a bra I can wear again if I ever feel like it.  Man, I don’t know how you ladies wear those things!  That thing was driving me nuts!  Since Thelma was properly laid by Brad Pitt in the movie, here’s the picture I had on my shirt for the shows…

Recap: 8/31/08 in VT & 9/13/08 in Dalton, MA

We finished off our long run of August shows at the Angel Boy Arts Benefit in Londonderry, VT. Beyond a little disorganization, things went well. This group helps children with special differences express themselves through art, and it was a really good cause so we were more than happy to help out. It was a really nice day, which was good because it was an outdoor show. They had some raffles and auctions going to raise money, including artwork by the children, and these really cool wood carvings that a guy was making with a chainsaw while we were there:

8/22/08 – B&G Lounge, S. Windsor, CT and 8/23/08 – GEAA, Pittsfield, MA

Our first mini weekend tour. We got to the club in South Windsor, CT sometime in the 7 o’clock hour, only to find out shortly thereafter that the show was being moved to a different venue down the street. Apparently there were some issues with the original venue not being licensed for live music or some shit. Whatever. The B & G Lounge was more than accommodating, and was more populated, too. The only bummer about this switch was that the original venue had Olde Burnside Brewing Company’s Ten Penny Ale on tap. I’d never had it, but had heard it was really good. And yes, it was. So, I got to swill down two of those before the move.

8/6/08 – Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA

This was our second show at the Abbey in Somerville, and incidentally, the first place I ever played with STREAK, almost a year ago. The Abbey is a cool club. It seems to be a very well frequented place, judging from the few times I’ve been there. It’s small, just a little dirty, but somewhere you can have your mom come to still, which is good, coz my mom and sister came. I was very glad to see the same sound guy as the last time we’d played there… Kevin, I think his name is. It seems like a lot of clubs have a revolving door with sound guys, so it’s nice to see the same person time after time.

Hey now!

Hey Streak Freaks! Paul here…. let me introduce myself, for those who don’t know who the fuck I am. I am the head banger and drummer for STREAK, and Chris decided to let me have a section of the new forum to write about whatever I want. So here it is, Pie Eyed with Paul!