| Buffalo NY & Tour Updates

Buffalo NY & Tour Updates

So we are on the road… wow.  The 3 of us still feel pretty much the same.  We know we are on tour, we’re on the road.  But it’s not really that crazy.  It feels so natural and good 🙂  Of course, this is only day 2, hehe.

There will be more details when we get back, but just wanted to give a quick little update as to the progress thus far.

Paul, Adria & Jim arrived at the Streak residence approximately 11am on Saturday morning.  We had to play a bit of Tetris, but we fit everything into the van.  We had to take out 2 rows of seats, but it’s all in there!  We hung out for a bit, Paul and I spending a few last minutes with our special girls, then a little after 1pm we said our goodbye’s (while emotional, it was all good) and headed out for Nobody’s Art Space in Buffalo, NY.  Mrs Streak had made us an AWESOME mix CD for us to start out the drive.  I mean, 16volt, Hanzel und Gretyl, Jamiroquai, Cyanotic, Acumen Nation, some good stuff I know I’m not remembering… and Bloodhound Gang! 🙂  It was a really great way to start off!

Nobody’s was not quite the venue we thought it was, basically a house with a small performance space.  But hey, we were ready to rock so we didn’t care.  But all in all, it was a great way to start off!  The place wasn’t packed, but everyone was super cool!  Jim, who’s running our merch table, was keeping busy.  Selling CDs, tshirtsand stickers.  We did our set, hung aroundfor the other acts, and then hit the road around 2am ishor so.  Drove about 4 1/2 hrs through the night to North Canton.  But after we arrived we got a bit of breakfast at a local diner, then found a park area where we worked on getting some sleep.  Tried in the van, then on the grass.  Right now we are sitting in a parking lot, running of some “borrowed” wifi getting a bit of rest before our show tonight.  10pm @ Sadie Rene’s.

OK, that’s about all for now.  There is still details that I would like to toss in, some fun little tid bits, but this is more of just an update.  🙂

Don’t forget you can go to www.StreakBand.net and check out our twitter feed as well as the flickr photo stream.  There will be many more photos coming along.  And again, thanks for all the support!!!


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